Sentosa SX101

Nucleic Acid extraction, PCR set-up and library prep in one


The Sentosa SX101 is a flexible automated pipetting system that offers a unique and easy-to-use workflow for nucleic acid extraction and PCR set-up, for up to 4 assays simultaneously. Throughput of up to 48 samples can be processed within 2 hours.

The tube holder plate that holds the Sentosa SA PCR reagents is color-coded to allow the operator to match it with the corresponding reagent cap colors. This minimizes the risk of placing reagents in the wrong positions. The adaptor that holds the tube holder plate and reagents is kept chilled for temperature sensitive master mixes. The whole PCR set-up is covered during extraction steps to prevent any possibility of contamination to the reagents.

Ordering Information

Sentosa SX NGS Starter Kit

Item Number: 400105

Sentosa SX101

Item Number: 400089
Pack Size: 1


Open-channel capabilities
Walk-away automation
Supports different sample types
In-built thermomixer module that supports Sentosa SX Extraction kit
Preset run protocols for the Sentosa SX workflow
Color coding on tube holder to match reagent cap color to ensure correct positioning of reagents. Inscribed names provide further confirmation on the right placement
Small and compact footprint (W107;H67;D61 cm) (W42;H26;D24 in)
ID tracking functionality to ensure sample traceability
Primary tube handling
Barcoding of samples to reduce manual input error rates and saves time
Pre-scan with optical sensor before each run to ensure sufficient quantity and types of tips and labwares
Continuous audit trail with user specific digital signatures in compliance to CFR 21 Part 11
Connectivity to other instruments in workflow
Easy-to-clean, low maintenance & service requirement

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