Great Basin Analyser

PA500 Benchtop Analyzer


The near-patient diagnostic testing system provides the answers health care providers need to rule out possible causes and define a clear treatment path which means time-savings for healthcare system and quicker recovery for patients.

The Great Basin Analyzer (PA500 Portrait Analyzer) is a molecular in vitro diagnostic device. Resident software in the device is used to control, analyze, and determine test results. The Analyzer System has two major components; the Control Platform (Touchscreen) and the Diagnostic Platform (Analyzer).

The Analyzer includes electromechanical components that direct the flow of reagents in a disposable cartridge. There are linear actuators that open small reagent containers, linear actuators that open and close valves, linear motors that depress reagent blisters to move fluid through the cartridge, a motor to facilitate mixing processes and analog sensors that detect the presence of liquid.


A clinician places an unprocessed clinical specimen into the cartridge, caps, then places the cartridge into the analyzer. The test routine is initiated in the analyzer for a simple automated process. Within the instrument, simple mechanical valves are present to control the flow of fluid through the cartridge and to pierce the blister packs. Low cost and reliable heaters are present for assay processing. Imaging occurs with a simple CCD camera placed over a window in the cartridge above the chip. The image is converted into a clinical result that is provided to the clinical laboratory.

The disposable cartridge contains—in blister packs or lyophilized—all of the reagents required to run the test. The main analytical steps of the assay (sample prep, amplification, and detection) are performed in chambers present on the cartridge; all waste is collected in a chamber and the system is closed so that no contamination of the laboratory occurs.

To simplify processing within the analyzer, fluids are moved within the cartridge through relatively large channels by exploiting pressure differences. Proprietary features have been designed into the cartridge to allow for bubble-free fluid movement and novel sensor design permits accurate and precise volumetric delivery.

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    Sentosa SX NGS Starter Kit

    Item Number: 370002


    FDA cleared platform
    Offers a complete menu of near patient tests on a single, fully scalable, consolidated workstation.
    Uses proprietary low-cost cartridges to provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective, sample-to-result system capable of performing low-plex, multiplex, and direct from specimen molecular diagnostic testing
    Closed system to fully process, analyze, and report findings
    On-demand testing; no batching to delay results
    Small footprint (H: 17.2 inches; W: 6.3 inches; D: 21.4 inches) or 0.94 square feet
    Determines reagent volume in container and reagent barcode reading
    Monitors expiration date
    Auto lot recognition and calibration
    Auto detection of adequate reagent or specimen
    On-board real time QC
    Less average maintenance time for lab personnel (~5 mins weekly)
    Modular add-on capability
    On-board software reviews QC
    Short instrument warm-up time (~1 min)
    Less start up and preparation time (~2 mins)

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