Sentosa SQ301

Automated next-generation sequencing, analysis, and reporting


The Sentosa SQ301 is a rapid and cost-effective Next-Generation Sequencing instrument for the targeted sequencing of human and viral DNA. Its accuracy, speed and small footprint make it ideally suited for laboratories. The instrument supports Vela Diagnostics’ NGS assays and customer-developed assays. The complete system includes the SQ301 sequencing instrument and the SQ301 server, a hardware and software solution that controls the instrument and collects sequencing data.

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Sentosa SQ 301

Item Number: 400103
Pack Size: 1

Sentosa SQ301 Minicentrifuge 120V

Item Number: 400122
Pack Size: 1

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    Rapid sequencing runs for fast turn-around time
    Low cost per run
    Supports Vela Diagnostics NGS assays
    Supports customer-developed assays
    Built-in sample traceability
    Small footprint minimizes laboratory space needs
    Easy to clean, low maintenance

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