Sentosa SA Reporter

Nucleic Acid extraction, PCR set-up and library prep in one


Sentosa SA Reporter software is used to analyze and interpret results obtained from the Rotor-Gene® Q MDx 5plex HRM instrument. The Sentosa SA Reporter Software is designed to deliver maximum efficiency, reproducibility and integrity to the laboratory’s workflow – from qPCR run through results interpretation output.

Intended Use

The Sentosa SA Reporter software is designed to read, analyze and interpret results, based on the fluorescence signals detected from the Rotor-Gene® Q MDx 5plex HRM instrument. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procecures. This software is to be used exclusively in combination with kits from Vela Diagnostics, indicated for use with applications on the Rotor-Rotor-Gene® Q MDx 5plex HRM instrument provided by Vela Diagnostics.


Supporting accurate results
Supports broad range of assays
Automated efficient results calling
Providing laboratory efficiency
Reduce hands on time and TAT
Eliminate human error with standardization of results calling
Increasing cost effectiveness
Total solution provider from Vela Diagnostics to offer assays, systems and softwares

Ordering Information

Sentosa SX NGS Starter Kit

Item Number: 500110
Pack Size: 1

Sentosa SX101

Item Number: 400089
Pack Size: 1

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