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Providing Laboratory Efficiency

The Sentosa system from Freshstart Medical provides standardized versatility from sample input to result upload. The multipurpose Sentosa SX101 performs automated lysis, nucleic acid extraction and PCR set-up on a wide range of sample types;  it can also be used for NGS library preparation.  Using shared instrumentation, customers can enjoy the flexibility of harnessing either or both technologies in research areas that require comprehensive testing, to accurately and efficiently provide test results.  With open-channel capabilities, laboratories can also run user-defined protocols.

The option of generating concise reports using Sentosa Reporter for qPCR and NGS results is readily available.

The Freshstart Medical qPCR and NGS workflows maximize efficiency by:

Requiring minimal sample input volume

Reducing time to result and automated reporting

Combining detection of common targets in the same run

Automating processes from sample to result


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Combined automated PCR and NGS workflows


Integrated and cost effective PCR and NGS workflow solutions, laboratory data management and automated reporting for molecular laboratory research. Learn more about the adaptability and scalability that can help meet individual workflow and volume requirements.


Broad PCR and NGS assay portfolio in the areas of oncology, leukemia and virology. Explore how workflow automation for extraction, PCR set-up, library prep, PCR, sequencing and result reporting drive technical efficiency and cost effectiveness.


With automated solutions for both real-time PCR (qPCR) and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows using common instrumentation, Freshstart Medical challenges convention to meet different customer demands.

Freshstart Medical uniquely combines qPCR with NGS workflows to provide laboratories with increased efficiency and effectiveness. With RNA and DNA extraction, qPCR assays that detect a wide variety of viruses and gene mutations, and NGS solutions* for identifying viral genotypes and sequence variants, Freshstart Medical helps drive scientific discoveries today for improvements tomorrow.

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Global provider of standardized products and support that address the needs of laboratories, today and in the future. Find out more about consolidating PCR and NGS workflows into one seamless solution.


There are several specific standards that apply to laboratories as well as other standards that apply to various aspects of laboratory activities. Freshstart Medical specialists will provide you guidance and solutions to achieve the upmost laboratory standards.

Culture of Safety

Freshstart Medical is proud of its safety consciousness. Our professionals, procedures and equipment are all trained and planned with safety and precision in mind. Freshstart understands that safety is a valued and inseparable part of all laboratory activities

Freshstart's Promise

Our commitment to the highest level of excellence permeates throughout every part of the company. The core founders, the team members being hired, and the extended team of partners are chosen with our Brand Promise at the forefront to be exceptional. We look forward to serving you with the difference.

Solutions to all Laboratories

With more cost-effective services stretching beyond diagnostics, our tools and solutions scale with your business to meet your analytical, clinical and operational needs.

Cost Effectiveness

Laboratories can cost-effectively generate accurate, reliable results with qPCR and NGS solutions from Freshstart Medical.

The utilization of common instrumentation across both qPCR and NGS technologies reduces equipment and service costs, as well as minimizes footprint. Automated workflows mean less dependence on hands-on time, freeing personnel for more value-added tasks.

Freshstart Medical developed a test portfolio that minimizes costs associated with generating results. The ability to run multiple tests on the same platform, running tests in parallel in the same run, and testing for several targets in the same eluate are all ways Freshstart Medical helps laboratories gain economic efficiencies.

Leading In Inovation


SARS-CoV-2 Solutions
Qualitative Detection
Variant Identification
Virus Genoryping
Includes Omicron

HIV-1 Drug Resistance Mutation Assay

US FDA De Novo Granted

HIV-1 Drug Resistance Mutation Assay
3 Drug Targets In 1 Test
Automated Sample-To-Result
NGS Workflow

Microbiology Assays On Easy to Use System

Microbiology Assays

On Easy to Use System


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Main Features

  • Samples

    Whole Blood, Serum, Swabs, FFPE, Urine, Stool, etc.
  • Sentosa SX101

    Automated Lysis, Extraction and PCR Set-Up
  • Rotor-Gene Q

    Target Amplification and Detection
  • Sentosa SA Reporter

    Data QC, Analysis and Reporting

Main Features

  • Samples

    Whole Blood, Serum, Swabs, FFPE, Urine, Stool, etc.
  • Sentosa SX101

    Automated Lysis, Extraction and PCR Set-Up
  • Rotor-Gene Q

    Target Amplification and Detection
  • Sentosa SA Reporter

    Data QC, Analysis and Reporting

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