Sentosa SA201

Rapid real-time PCR with automated result analysis


The Sentosa SA201 Real-Time PCR instrument, with Sentosa SA201 Reporter software, is a 96-well, 5-colour real-time PCR instrument. Based on Peltier block technology, the Sentosa SA201 is designed to deliver high-quality results, in a 96-well format. The Sentosa SA201 Reporter software has expanded capabilities that allow users to control thermal cycling protocols and perform automated data analysis, with connectivity to LIS.

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Sentosa SA201

Item Number: 400125

Sentosa SA201 Reporter

Item Number: 480142

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    Supporting decision making
    Comprehensive assay menu
    Automated workflow from samples to results
    Providing laboratory efficiency
    5-colour variable excitation supports multiplex assays
    Up to 96 samples per run for high-throughput runs
    Integrated Sentosa SA201 Reporter Software for automated data analysis and report generation
    Faster thermal cycling profile for shorter turnaround time

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