Combined automated PCR and NGS workflows

Laboratory Solutions


Freshstart Medical provides a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) solution* that is simple, fast, and affordable — putting the power of NGS technology in the reach of labs of all sizes. The solution is easy-to-use, from automated template preparation and library construction, to sequencing, data analysis and reporting.

The automated solution reduces sample-to-sample variability, minimizes risk of rerun due to user error/inconsistency and help produce more accurate results. With parallel preparation and subsequent analysis of up to 16 sample barcodes, sequencing pipelines are optimized.

The Freshstart Medical NGS platform uses semi-conductor based sequencing technologies to translate chemical signals into meaningful information. Ideal for sequencing targeted regions, the integrated Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) solution from Freshstart Medical detects single nucleotide variants as well as insertions and deletions.

Several Freshstart Medical’ NGS assays are being developed to identify sequence variants of demonstrated importance, including gene mutations relevant to oncology and viral genotypes, using a variety of sample materials.

Automated data analysis and reporting with Sentosa Reporter turns sophisticated data into concise, clear reports. Open-channel capability is also available, offering users the opportunity to customize and apply user-defined protocols.


OncoKey Core
OncoKey Focus
OncoKey Hereditary
OncoKey SL 60 Plus
OncoKey SL 525 Plus




Pathogen ID


Fast Results With Better Patient Outcomes

Freshstart’s breakthrough approach to molecular diagnostics for near-patient testing with the Great Basin platform provides fast, cost-effective diagnosis of infectious diseases. Our easy-to-use assays deliver more diagnostic data per sample, meaning healthcare providers are able to treat patients with the right medication sooner, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

The Great Basin Analyzer is capable of low-plex and multi-plex diagnostics for infectious disease. The system is easy-to-use, freeing up valuable resources and reducing turnaround time for clinicians, thereby providing timely appropriate antibiotic therapy for better patient management, and support of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs.

The Great Basin system employs an integrated disposable cartridge that contains all necessary reagents, and an inexpensive bench-top analyzer which executes the assay interprets the results and provides electronic output to the clinician.

Tests and Panels

Sample-to-Result Workflow
Simply load the sample on the card, put the card in the analyzer, start the assay, and receive a definitive result in ~90 minutes, that’s all.
Load the sample on the card, put the card in the analyzer, start the assay, and get a result in ~90 minutes, that’s all.

Features and Benefits

Near-patient testing workflow for sample-to-result molecular diagnostics can provide several key advantages over other molecular and non-molecular solutions:
Fully automated, true sample-to-result system with few hands-on steps means samples can be run by any tech on any shift
Results in 90 minutes or less, and on-demand testing (no batching!) means faster time to treatment
Low-plex and multiplex testing on the same system means saved bench space
Great Basin Stool Bacterial Pathogens Panel
Great Basin Bordetella Direct Test
Great Basin Group B Streptococcus Test
Great Basin Shiga Toxin Direct Test
Great Basin Staph ID/R Blood Culture Panel


Integrated and flexible research solutions for qPCR

Freshstart Medical offers real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) tests for the detection and/or quantitation of a wide range of viruses and gene mutations. Tests are highly automated, freeing up valuable resources and reducing turn-around time for lab operators.

The Sentosa SX101 is a flexible, multipurpose system for automated nucleic acid extraction and PCR set-up. Sentosa Reporter automatically analyzes results obtained from the Rotor-Gene Q thermal cycler to ensure standardization of data interpretation and concise automated reporting.

The flexibility of the qPCR platform allows for consolidated testing with a variety of sample types. The qPCR test portfolio design allows for run combinations that save time and help reduce the cost associated with generating results. The system also offers open-channel capability to meet a lab’s individual testing needs

Zoonotic Diseases


Bloodborne Viruses

HBV Quant


Direct MRSA/SA

Human Herpes and Polyomaviruses

BKV Quant
CMV Quant
EBC Quant
HSV-1/2 Quant
HSV-1/2 Qual
VZV Quant



Respiratory Viruses

Influenza A/B & RSV
SARS-CoV-2 v1.0
SARS-CoV-2 v2.0


Flexibly reduce reagent cost and minimize waste through automation

Sentosa® FLEX is a Software Solution from Freshstart Medical which enables a new economical approach for PCR workflows. With FLEX, one can be more efficient in carrying routine testing, as well as detecting and monitoring co-infection. FLEX provides multiple choices of assay to sample assignment, while also removing the need for batching. Ultimately FLEX users are able to reduce waste, re-use reagents, avoid batches, while achieving automation and sample traceability.


Combine up to four assays from the assays selection menu in one run and from one sample, which is the core value of Sentosa®SX FLEX Assistant. In addition, the assistant drastically simplifies laboratory workflow process: from launch to LIS synchronization; from sample to report.


Automated multi-assay software assistant for workflow optimization and waste reduction
Combines up to four assays from an assay selection menu in one run, from one sample
Enables you to minimize waste & re-use reagents
Fast turn-around time and minimal hands-on time
Reduces human error
Broad linear range and low limit of detection
Aids clinical research efforts
Reporting in International Units
Delivers automated results interpretation and reporting


Strategic partnering programs for biomarker and clinical research

Freshstart Medical is always ready to foster long-term relationships with industry counterparts to achieve higher levels of innovation that leverage combined expertise.

By working closely with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, Freshstart Medical can provide specialized knowledge in molecular diagnostics and companion diagnostics to help achieve efficiency in pharmaceutical development, regulatory approval and global commercialization.

To reap mutual benefits and rewards, Freshstart Medical firmly believes in unique business models that suit the growth of partners.

Established Processes

Freshstart Medical’ processes, manufacturing and quality system in Singapore are ISO 13485:2003 certified, and the R&D laboratory in the United States is CLIA-certified. From resource allocation to project communications to joint marketing, work processes are well established so that any partner can rely on us to deliver optimal outcomes.

Client-Centered Approach

For technology development Freshstart Medical endeavors to deliver efficiency in all phases of the pharmaceutical life cycle, from pre-clinical planning to commercialization.

Proven Competency

Working with an experienced management team and global talents overseeing R&D, manufacturing and aspects of commercial operations, partners can expect a high degree of professionalism in jointly exploring real-time PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing technologies.

To explore pharma partnering with Freshstart Medical, please email us at


With automated solutions for both real-time PCR (qPCR) and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows using common instrumentation, Freshstart Medical challenges convention to meet different customer demands.

Freshstart Medical uniquely combines qPCR with NGS workflows to provide laboratories with increased efficiency and effectiveness. With RNA and DNA extraction, qPCR assays that detect a wide variety of viruses and gene mutations, and NGS solutions* for identifying viral genotypes and sequence variants, Freshstart Medical helps drive scientific discoveries today for improvements tomorrow.

Providing Laboratory Efficiency

The Sentosa system from Freshstart Medical provides standardized versatility from sample input to result upload. The multipurpose Sentosa SX101 performs automated lysis, nucleic acid extraction and PCR set-up on a wide range of sample types;  it can also be used for NGS library preparation.  Using shared instrumentation, customers can enjoy the flexibility of harnessing either or both technologies in research areas that require comprehensive testing, to accurately and efficiently provide test results.  With open-channel capabilities, laboratories can also run user-defined protocols.

The option of generating concise reports using Sentosa Reporter for qPCR and NGS results is readily available.

The Freshstart Medical qPCR and NGS workflows maximize efficiency by:

Requiring minimal sample input volume

Reducing time to result and automated reporting

Combining detection of common targets in the same run

Automating processes from sample to result

Cost Effectiveness

Laboratories can cost-effectively generate accurate, reliable results with qPCR and NGS solutions from Freshstart Medical.

The utilization of common instrumentation across both qPCR and NGS technologies reduces equipment and service costs, as well as minimizes footprint. Automated workflows mean less dependence on hands-on time, freeing personnel for more value-added tasks.

Freshstart Medical developed a test portfolio that minimizes costs associated with generating results. The ability to run multiple tests on the same platform, running tests in parallel in the same run, and testing for several targets in the same eluate are all ways Freshstart Medical helps laboratories gain economic efficiencies.


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We pay very close attention to detail when integrating applications between each platform.