Sentosa SX101 Basic Set (400089)

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The Sentosa SX101 is a flexible automated pipetting system that offers a unique and easy-to-use workflow for nucleic acid extraction and PCR set-up, for up to 4 assays simultaneously. Throughput of up to 48 samples can be processed within 2 hours.

The tube holder plate that holds the Sentosa SA PCR reagents is color-coded to allow the operator to match it with the corresponding reagent cap colors. This minimizes the risk of placing reagents in the wrong positions. The adaptor that holds the tube holder plate and reagents is kept chilled for temperature sensitive master mixes. The whole PCR set-up is covered during extraction steps to prevent any possibility of contamination to the reagents.

Workflow: qPCR & NGS

Contains items:

Rack 0.5 + Adaptor/1.5/2.0 mL (400073)

Reservoir Rack-7 (400071)

Reservoir Rack-3 (400072)

RR Module A3/EC (400075)

Dispensing Tool TS 50 (400059)

RR Module A1/A2 (400074)

Dispensing Tool TS 1000 (400056)

Dispensing Tool TM 1000 (400058)

Gripper with Holder (400070)

Barcode Scanner (400061)

Barcode Scanner Stand (400062 )